Please Review our Privacy Policy for Your Protection

Thank you for visiting and reviewing our privacy and security policy. The privacy policy protects the rights of individual users under section 552a of title 5, United States Code Click to View Exit Disclaimer (commonly referred to as the "Privacy Act"), and other laws relevant to the protection of the privacy of an individual. All information is gathered, stored, and used in accordance with the above-mentioned Privacy Act.

NOTE: Our privacy and security policy is clear: We will collect no personal information about you when you visit our website unless you choose to provide that information to us.

Using’s Mobile Applications

When you use’s Mobile Application (App), certain information will be gathered and stored about your usage of the App. To use the App, you will be required to provide your username and password to login. We collect and store information as follows:

  • receives aggregate data about the use of our Apps, such as the number of times the applications have been opened or the interactions or actions completed in the application. We also receive aggregate data from the platforms that distribute our Apps (currently the iTunes Store and the Google Play Store), such as the number of people who download the App and mobile set-up information (e.g., device model, App version, country, language, and mobile carrier). Please consult the privacy policies of these third parties for further information.
  • You may set up to receive “push notification” messages and a notification provider service will push the notifications to your mobile device. To make sure messages reach the correct devices, our third party provider relies on a device token unique to your mobile device. A device token is a unique identifier issued to the app by the operating system of the mobile device. While we may be able to access a list of the tokens, the App and tokens do not reveal your identity, unique device ID, or contact information to us. The third party provider may collect the following: the time of an event, how a user came to our site, what search engine and search keywords users may have used to get to our site, information about the device our user is on such as their operating system, and browser, as well as the city, region and country location of users. If, at any time, you wish to stop receiving push notifications, simply adjust your phone settings.